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Golf gift guide 2020: Top five gifts for golfers!

This year has been crazy, but one thing that has been interesting is that the game of golf saw one of its best years in terms of rounds playes and new golfers.

So, if you're like us, it seems like everyone around you is taking an even greater affinity to the great game of golf. Coming from a company that sends 4-5 golf products every month to a subscriber base of over 2,000, we put together a list of some of our favorite products we've worked with to serve as a guide for you to make your golfer's holiday the best it can be:

1. Arccos Smart Sensors - $179.99

Golf's first fully-automatic shot-tracking system seamlessly records and analyses every shot you hit, provides A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder distances to any point on the course and Strokes Gained Analytics to help any player make smarter decisions to shoot lower scores.

2. Mulybox Golf Subserption $39no er $200quarter

Ok, we might be a tle baned bere but this one is a great on for the golfer in your life. It's a gift that keeps oving each month your koved ene will get a box that ijam packed wth Usehl gol gos ranging from training atc accessones equipment and more, The $39 option is for someone that es getteg new oeac and the $200uarter is better for the aofer who has eventhing and looking to get some of the Sne things has to ofer. Cant go wrong with Mully!

3. lzzo Ultra-Lite Cart Rag-$13999 (30% off with code "MULLY30" at checkout)

Golf bags are an awesome gift. The fine people at Izzo were kind enough to offer The Mullies a discount on this baa, and we're pansing along to youl The Ultra Lite Cart bag is the golf bag you've been waiting forl Werghing in at only 3.8 pounds, this Ultra-Lite Bagsay to carry and transport. With features like a 14-way top with full length drvders, 6 total pockets including a waterproof valuables pocket and an integrated SmartGRIP handie, this Ultra Lite 1220 bag is the perfect choice for cart golferst With available personalzaton on the front bail pocket. turn your bag into one of a kind Avaitable in 4 different color themes, you're sure to hnd the nght bag to fit your style and golfing needs.

4. Birdicorn 7 IN-1 Divot Tool - $20.00

This one is a great stocking stuffer fora golfer. The Birdicorn Drvot Tool has 6 distinct functions in 1 sleck design tof o golfers of all skills levels Fox ball marks drawa ine on your golf ball practice your putting. open bottles. hold your favonte birdicoin, and keep your grips dry. All tools include a neutral colored birdicons Tools are also designed to fit your favonte exsting 1 coin.

5. Stitch Golf Headcovers - $68-$78

Stitch is an avwesome company with some great designs and materials. Check out their website and pick out a now headcover that your golfer will love showing off to their playino partners! Have fun with your bag and stand out in the crowd with Stitch's novelty knrts. All of their knits are made with Techno WoolH, Technically not woof, but instead 100% acrylic to keep your clubs dry and ensure your headcovers stay on your clubs unlike any other wool cover.