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How to Hit Longer Drives

Grip it and rip it! Tee it high and let it fly! Let the big dog eat! We all love to smoke the driver down the middle. There is no doubt – longer drives make the game of golf more fun. More wedges to par 4s and more eagle putts on par 5s.

The only question – how do you increase your swing speed and add distance to your drives? Several different factors play a role in how far you hit your driver. Your swing. Your golf equipment. Your body’s flexibility and strength.

We think we can help. Below we discuss a solution for each of these factors. Good luck and swing hard!


Add Lag to Your Swing

One of the biggest differences between professional and amateur golf swings is lag. Lag in your swing produces power and a more consistent, solid strike of the golf ball. What is lag?

Lag is the trailing of the golf club during your downswing, and its name comes from the fact that it lags behind your hands. Do you want to see an example? Check out Sergio Garcia’s swing. There is a reason he is considered one of the best ball strikers in the world.

You can find swing trainer aids or lessons online to develop more lag in your golf swing.


Does Your Golf Ball Match Your Game?

Are you using the correct golf ball for your swing? You could be giving away distance off the tee by selecting the wrong brand or model.

We aren’t saying your need to spend $60 per dozen for the high-end balls but try different types. Test and determine which brand/model gives you the best results. Every extra yard off the tee helps.


Golf-Centric Fitness

We can all get in better shape but select exercises that are designed to improve your golf swing. Find a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified instructor in your area. They will perform an assessment of your flexibility/strength and build you a customized exercise program to help your golf game.

Workout a couple of times a week and suddenly, those tee shots will fly a bit farther!


Optimize Your Clubs

It’s no secret that having clubs that match your swing and clubhead speed can increase your distance. It is expensive, but the best way is to work with a club-fitter and get customized sticks.

Don’t worry – if you can’t afford to go the custom club route you can do some simple checks to make sure your driver isn’t making your life on the golf course harder. Determine your clubhead speed by attending a “demo day” or visiting a golf retailer with a simulator.

Next, make sure the shaft in your driver is the appropriate flex. Swing speed < 75M mph = senior or ladies’ flex. Swing speed 76mph – 95mph = regular flex. Swing speed 95mph – 105mph = stiff flex. Anything faster should be x-stiff.


Don’t forget to sign up for your Mullybox subscription and you will receive golf balls, training aids, and golf gear that will help all aspects of your game, including driving distance.

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