Welcome to CEO's Corner: Connecting Golfers to Innovation

Welcome to CEO's Corner: Connecting Golfers to Innovation

Written by: Drew Amato



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Dear Golf Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the inaugural post of CEO's Corner on mullybox.com. I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with you, sharing insights from the heart of the golf industry and entrepreneurial wisdom accrued over the years.

Seven years ago, mully began as a side hustle born from a passion for golf and a keen eye for market needs. While balancing a career in corporate venture capital, I nurtured mully, driven by the belief that golfers deserved a service that could connect them with the coolest, most innovative products in the sport. In October 2022, witnessing mully's burgeoning demand and our breakthrough of over $1 million in annual revenue, I decided to dive in full-time. The golf industry was ripe for transformation, and mullybox was at its forefront.

Golf, traditionally perceived as a rigid, exclusive sport, is undergoing a fascinating evolution. Initiatives like LIV, along with ventures like Topgolf and Popstroke, are reshaping the golfing landscape into a more relaxed, socially engaging atmosphere. This transformation aligns perfectly with our vision at mully: to be at the heart of golf's exciting new era.

The purpose of CEO's Corner is simple yet profound. We at mully find ourselves in a unique position, interacting daily with innovative brands and products, many seeking to feature in our box or connect with our audience. These interactions are a goldmine of insights and learnings about the latest trends and offerings in golf. Through this blog, I aim to open our playbook to you, sharing these findings so you can become a more informed, stylish, and skilled golfer.

Imagine CEO's Corner as your insider pass to the golf industry. From cutting-edge product reviews to tips for entrepreneurs inspired by our journey, this blog is dedicated to enhancing your experience on and off the course. It's about fostering a community where we all grow together, fueled by a shared love for the game.

Join me in this venture. Let's explore the changing face of golf, embrace new trends, and ensure that our time on the course is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Welcome to CEO's Corner – where golf meets innovation.


Drew Amato

Founder & CEO, MullyBox.com