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What is a "Cadet" Glove Size?

A cadet golf glove is a type of golf glove that is designed specifically for golfers with smaller hands. These gloves are often preferred by golfers with shorter fingers and wider palms, as they provide a better fit and more comfortable feel.

One of the main features of a cadet golf glove is its shorter finger length.

This shorter finger length allows for a better fit on the hand, as the fingers of the glove do not extend too far beyond the fingertips. This can be especially important for golfers with shorter fingers, as gloves with longer finger lengths may feel loose and uncomfortable.

In addition to a shorter finger length, cadet golf gloves also tend to have a wider palm width.

This wider width allows for a more secure fit on the hand.

Cadet golf gloves are available in a variety of materials, including leather and synthetic materials. Leather gloves tend to be more durable and provide a better feel on the club, while synthetic gloves are often more affordable and may be more breathable.

Overall, a cadet golf glove is a great option for golfers with smaller hands who are looking for a comfortable and secure fit on the course. Whether you are just starting out in the game or are an experienced golfer, a cadet golf glove can help you improve your performance and enjoy your time on the course.


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