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Lazrus Golf 2 & 3 Iron Driving Set or Singles

Lazrus Golf 2 & 3 Iron Driving Set or Singles

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Can't hit your driver consistently off the tee?
Need to get as much distance as possible with your second shot?

Our 1, 2 & 3 iron driving package will be perfect for you. Made in the same place as some of the "best" golf clubs in the game. They sell theirs for $300 together and we sell ours for a fraction of the price.  

This Lazrus golf driving iron set is the best valued golf clubs for men on the market, made in the same place as some of the "best" clubs in the world. 

It’s no secret that premium golf irons are the club of choice for the top golfers on the planet. 
We brought the best golf irons to the market for everyday golfers like you that want great golf clubs at an insanely good price (80% less than "big name" brands) Enjoy!

Lazrus Golf Iron set specs:

1 iron - 40" length, 13 degree loft

2 iron -39.5" length, 16 degree loft

3 iron - 39" length, 19 degree loft

  • Stepped steel shaft
  • Right hand or left hand
  • Custom golf grips
  • Regular flex
  • Deep grooves for more spin & control
  • For everyday golfers, weekend warriors
  • 1 iron, 2 iron, 3 iron sold as sets or individuals
  • Free USA Shipping 
  • Free Canada Shipping for orders over $75

"I am an 11 handicap and play quite a bit. I need a second set of clubs for my winter place. I purchased a set of these wedges last year and they are fantastic. Best set I have used- actually the only matching set I have purchased and so I bought another set. 

"As someone who just started getting into golf and shoots in the 90s mostly sometimes high 80s currently these clubs far exceeded my expectations in quality, appearance and feel for the price."

"Love the look and weight of these clubs. Excited to add them to my bag this summer!"

What if we told you
We're here to provide you with the greatest quality golf club driving iron set at the greatest price. We disrupted the golf industry to offer the best golf clubs set at an unbeatable price. 
Inside: Individual 1 iron, 2 iron, 3 iron or sets




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