Benefits of the program

Benefits_Supports overall fitness

Supports overall fitness

You’ll get equipment and materials to support your physical and mental fitness, so that you can be in top form for more than golf.

Benefits_Boosts your technique

Boosts your technique

You’ll get new training aids and drills to get your swing in top shape. We work with the game’s top coaches to get your swing in a good place.

Benefits_Improves diet

Improves diet

We partner with top sports dieticians to bring you a diet program that will help you get your body and mind in the zone for peak performance.

Benefits_Helps mindset

Helps mindset

Golf (and life) is a mental game. We’re going to send you reading materials that will help you keep your composure and maintain your focus on and off the course.

Better with every box

Golf performance starts at home

MGP empowers you to start your journey to better golf. We can’t become better golfers without putting in the work, and MGP will be your guide.

Better golf, made easy

All you have to do with MGP is open your box and follow the tips from your instructors, and watch your handicap go down.

A comprehensive approach

The body, mind, and swing all need to come together to achieve peak performance. MGP takes an approach that will work on everything you need for better golf, and it translates beyond.

for everyone

Whether you are a beginner or on tour, all of us need to practice. MGP is designed to help you no matter what stage you are at.

Better with every box

What's Inside the box?

Inside the box_On course

On course

  • Journals & Logs
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Gameplan & Mindset Tips
Inside the box_Off Course

Off Course

  • Books
  • Workout Plan
  • Workout Equipment
  • Drill Guides
  • Training Aids
  • Partnerships
  • Dietary Guides
why try mully golf performance?

why try mully golf performance?

  • Comprehensive approach, made simple
  • Tips from the top dieticians, swing coaches, and fitness experts
  • Cost-effective compared to hiring golf professionals, doctors, and trainers
  • Backed by our golf performance advisory board
  • Equipment that gets delivered directly to your house
  • Build healthy habits that will extend beyond your golf game

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